Safety Program

CMN Steel keeps safety the number one priority

Safety Program

As we all know, safety should be the number priority for any company. At CMN we take our safety training and safety practices very seriously.

All of CMN’s employees are trained to meet all of OSHA and MSHA’s safety requirements by meeting certification and testing requirements. Each month safety incentive programs are offered to employees to enhance and reward them for their great efforts concerning safety in the work place. Recently Waste Management’s South Broward Facility was awarded the highest honor of OSHA Star status for safety in their plant and CMN was listed as their primary outside mechanical contractor.

OSHA Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) seeks to ensure that work environments are safe for men and women by enforcing certain standards.

CMN Steel continues to provide safe working coinditions for all its employees.

MSHA Compliance

The Miner Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has strict mandatory safety guidelines that we adhere to while staying up to date with current safety trends. CMN also employs two certified MSHA trainers that provide continuous safety training throughout the year.

CMN Steel takes pride in knowing that we not only adhere to MSHA standards, but we exceed them.